Here one of my interactive and learning by creating installations. Zooom is an interactive customizable installation, with the help of which any pedagogical activity in a museum can be made. Zooom is a modest answer to the always boring and conventional pedagogical activities in museums and art galleries.

zooom is based on the “augmented reality” technology, but with a plus of R+D, to make this technology more interactive and engaging . The user can include/customize, by means of a software, photos, videos, texts, music and animations that are necessary to create an activity. Each multimedia element, photo, music or others, is turned into an icon. Once you print the icon on a piece, it will be recognized by the camera when it is exposed in front of her. Once the video camera detects the icon, it sends a signal to the computer so that it calls to the related image and projects it. Same way with each piece.

There can be all necessary pieces created for “photo”, “video”, “music”, “text” or “animation”, but it is necessary to take into consideration the surface on which we will work with them all. As regards to Hardware, it is required a projector, a video camera and a computer with sufficient memory capacity in order that all multimedia elements could interrelate fluently.

The paintings shown in the videos are part of my last Art exhibition, used as communication channel between zoom and children. More demo videos about the results of the interaction with my art and multimedia ingredients:

Interacting with zoom and my work  //  Children and zoom   //  How does it work