It took me four years to finish my university degree, which I didn’t like, and eight months to find out my first creative job as an illustrator in a tiny graphic studio.

It took me eight years to learn enough from others to found my own digital advertising agency, HERRAIZSOTO&CO, and then ten years more, together with good trip companions, to convert the agency into a remarkable brand.

It took me one year thinking of how to create and develop my own products, to quit communicating products of others. So I founded UTANI SOCIAL LAB. And it took me six years to drive my ideas up to prototypes with their own patents.

It took me two years to realize that I wasn’t living in the correct country to feed and grow my “Human Centered Design” project.

I invested one intense year living and struggling from Silicon Valley to Pittsburgh, where I raised a grant and obtained facilities to implement on the ground all my Learning by Creating and Experiential design dreams and ideas.

After several trials, a bunch of good friends convinced me that I had to share my ventures and vision in a blog.

Carles Sanz, fellow of ventures and technology poet, helped me to fix this blog in which I will share with you all I know, learn and feel about: design, experiential education, technology and society, disruptive models, revolutions and new paradigms, “smart citizens and communities”, doers and XXI century heroes…