Utani one of the 20s


“Menorca millennials is a 20-day FOCUS program on an island for selected second time entrepreneurs who are building scalable and bold businesses.” And this first edition they have selected 20 international projects among 315. We are very proud to be one of them. PLAYBAR, our Learning by playing and creating project, was attractive enough to be invited to the dance . That means that we are on the right track in our commitment to convert something so important as education into a playful and engaging experience.

“20 global startup teams will escape the mental noise of their day-to-day and will be quarantined on an island with experienced entrepreneurs to learn from each other and develop ideas that have a scalable social impact.
The program is led by a group of international serial entrepreneurs with experience in both M&As and IPOs, who will help the teams develop, build, and scale global ideas.”

So here we go to Menorca! Another match. And lets fingers crossed to finally raise the money we need to make our dream fly.