Why a company exists

Simon Sinek explores how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change. He’s the author of the classic “Start With Why”; his latest book is “Leaders Eat Last.”


Real time make up projection. Slightly freaky and pretty awesome all at once… Check out Omote, a new, advanced real-time projection mapping process with this demo showcasing dynamic makeup projections onto a live models face. It’s not exactly new, but the facial mapping and quality of the projection has drastically improved… the model almost looks completely…

Collective Creativity

About authentic leaders who create innovative teams: “Some of you may be wondering now, what are these people thinking? They’re thinking, “I’m not the visionary, I’m the social architect. I’m creating the space where people are willing and able to share and combine their talents and passions.” If some of you are worrying now that you don’t work at a Pixar, or…

Finland phenomenon

  Merece mucho la pena acercarse a este documental, realizado por profesionales de la educación de la universidad de Harvard US. Todos los países miran hacia Finlandia, incluido Estados Unidos, en lo que a educación se refiere. Pero todos deberíamos aprender de ellos en cuanto a ejemplo de sociedad moderna y de valores, la educación es…

Impossible is nothing

Sargy Mann has been painting all of his professional life, first as a teacher and later as a professional artist. In his mid-30s he developed cataracts on both eyes, eventually leading to total blindness. He continued to paint.Twenty-five years later, Sargy’s work is highly sought-after by collectors with paintings regularly selling for upward of £50,000…

The other Silicon Valley

Interesting to discover the other side of the moon, the other Silicon Valley  from Maria´s view and her own experience. Not deeply, but enough to give some brushes of reality.

" You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. "R. Buckminster Fuller



No he podido remediar el subir a este blog, la entrevista que Jordi Évole, en ‘Salvados’, le hace al presidente de Uruguay, José Mujica. El político explica así por qué no vive en la residencia presidencial: “Se supone que la democracia intenta ser el Gobierno de la mayoría y yo trato de vivir como vive…



Un poco más de arte generativo, creado con mi querido lenguaje del “processing”. En este caso es Jared Tarbell, otro hijo del “computation” nacido en Alburquerque, New Mexico. “With an algorithmic goal in mind, I manipulate the work by finely crafting the semantics of each program. Specific results are pursued, although occasionally surprising discoveries are…



Just arrived from South by SouthWest 2014 edition. The always “weird” city of Austin received this year around 130.000 professionals, geeks, hipsters, frikies and other mammals, from music, film and interactive planets. It was really a fucking awesome festival full of inspiring panelists, workshops and networking-parties. Although there were also some poor conferences though like…


Can wisdom being resumed in the word love? Look at this nice video with the thoughts from famous people from several grounds. Interesting.

graphic methapor

graphic metaphor

“get creative this holiday season with gift ideas from the designboom shop! the sprout bookmark by korean designer youngdoo park of doodoo design studio aims to evoke a sense of surprise by giving an impression of a plant growing out of a book. the slim profile allows you to leave it between the pages to…