A new tool as an educational game designed for educators and students, with or without learning problems, to turn concepts given in the classroom or academy into audiovisual animations.

Animo  intended to be an alternative, stimulating and the height of fun for what should be the education in the 21st Century.

Animo, challenges the lack of imagination of new generations of children and young people who are accustomed to following patterns and predefined challenges in video games that are obsolete of imaginative effort.

In addition to triggering the imagination through the game, educational values can be worked through understanding, not only by explanation given in the classroom, but lots of concepts that affect and shape today’s society.

Animo, is invaluable in learning new skills and taking part more in interactive work strategies. On the basis of one of the best ways to learn is playing and taking advantage of new digital technologies, Animo fulfils both characteristics and speaks the same language of young people.

Animo is also a useful tool for sensory stimulation, boosting creativity, and personal development with people who have learning and mental health problems. It is also a direct means of communication between patients and specialists.