The best definition of HerraizSoto&Co made by my friend and partner Rafa Soto:

We love Rock&Roll and its attitude, because that’s exactly how brands should connect with their consumers. We love turning consumers into fans. We love Jim Morrison because he said “I am the Lizard King, I can do anything”. We love Camper, IKEA, Carrefour, BMW and Casio because they are some of our clients. We love Ben&Jerry’s when they’re not empty and Moleskines when they’re full. We love Barcelona because its Barcelona and it’s five minutes from the rest of the world. We love good ideas and draught beer although one isn’t necessarily connected to the other. We love the future because we can invent it. We love music because it says things that words could never say. We love the impossible because it’s like the bogeyman, a lie to make people behave. We love technology because, right from the beginning it has always created the coolest tools for artists to best express themselves. We love ping-pong because it’s like life itself: there is no ping without the pong. We love post-its because they’re like Twitter, only on paper. We love the word “beautiful” because it’s impossible to say it without getting emotional. We love energy. The good sort. The kind that’s created when someone smiles. We love badminton, levitation and all those things that we haven’t done yet. We love creativity, because, in reality, it’s the only thing we’d take with us to a desert island.