circadia GAME


Last day I had the pleasure to hear the lecture given by Ken Wong, USTWO game designer and responsible of the very awarded and acclaimed Monument Valley game. Wong demonstrates with this game the potential of EXPERIENTIAL gaming over the traditional PLAY or MECHANICAL games. And certainly I was totally agree with his vision, he was right, experiencing is much inspirational than following guided paths.

I do prefer to live an emotional, sensitive and touch experience living a good storytelling, enriched with sensorial interaction, aesthetics and semantics, rather than playing a game with just good mechanics, let´s say Super Mario?. Mechanics are mainly represented by toys in which you can improve skills, overcoming challenges, beating opponents and run a risk to be rewarded. However, in most of the cases mechanics are basically the core of the games.


The ingredients for a rich and good experiential gaming, says Wong, are basically: Good stories and characters, multi sensorial and touchable explorations, beautiful intuitive visuals, artistic atmospheres, carefully treated with sound and physical effects, unique levels and unexpected discoveries without instructions.


From my modest point of view as ”Learning by doing and creating” designer, offering experiential games it´s a way of giving access to new audiences, opening new ways to make learning process more engaging and emotional, delivering meaning in a natural and easiest way.


I haven´t seen a lot of examples of awesome experiential games, but beside Monument Valley,  three other fantastic art works would be ”Contre Jour”, ”Windosill” and ”Circadia”, awesome demonstration all of them of poetry, design and fun.