Yeah!  how much I love discovering people-projects, offering “Learning by creating”  brilliant  solutions!  How necessary it is to demonstrate that other education is possible, around games, creativity, imagination and collaborative learning by doing tools. My last discovery is called “OSMO”  Osmo promotes social intelligence and creative thinking, shaping with their solutions, the future of play. What I like most from Osmo is the easy way they combine physical materials to play with, and digital contents through augmented reality, to support the physical activities. It’s a Smart balance  because children learn how to give value to the physical interaction between each other and the materials, but also they interact with their familiar digital devices. Not all has to be digital, the “touch experience” is crucial though. osmo Reading an article about this project in “Personal Tech news”, they say “Osmo digital toy aims to bring iPad-addicted Kids back to real life” and this is important. This interplay between the physical and digital realms looks and feels like magic. Pramod Sharma, founder and a former Google engineer, prefers to call it “reflective AI,” or artificial intelligence. But for all the technical wizardry happening in the background, the product is simple: A beautifully designed toy with the potential to transform how students and families play games. osmo words “I want to have Apple design and Pixar-like quality,” Sharma says. And I agree with him.  Good for them!