Here it is, the world’s first family robot, with practical functionalities to interact with adults, kids, elders, pets…. JIBO is the family photographer and video maker, the most efficient secretary managing anyone’s agenda and messages, the perfect children’s storyteller in the case parents may prefer to make love, the perfect companion for those who need to hear some lovely word… JIBO is the perfect humanized robot for everyone in the family.


The greatest thing is that JIBO is an open platform, his skills and uses could grow and grow thanks to the participation of developers from around the globe. Cynthia Breazeal, MIT professor, CEO and FOUNDER of this project, today in an early crowd-founding stage, but my feeling is that we will see JIBO soon in all stores (they say 2016, we hope sooner)…. congratulations to JIBO’s team, I imagine the huge effort they have made to get to this first prototype.