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All of us have 23 pairs of chromosomes. 17% of us are left-handed. 44% of us have attached earlobes. 88% of us have wet earwax. 14% of us have perfect pitch. All of us can smell the asparagus odor in our urine. 22% of us are lactose intolerant. 67% of us have a family history of cancer. 19% of us have a family history of Alzheimer’s Disease. 41% of us have a family history of migraines. 29% of us have a family history of diabetes. 17% of us have a family history of Multiple Sclerosis…

The funniest thing is that now, ordering your DNA Kit online from “23andMe”, sending it back with your saliva and paying $99, you can get all your entire genetic picture of your “to be or not to be” reason of being. Your saliva sample would be processed in a lab and ,in a few days, you could discover your ancestral origins, trace your lineage, know your DNA relatives or discover your Neanderthal percentage! Wow! I’m close to ask for that kit, curiosity is killing me!


23andMe “owns” a DNA database of over 650.000 genotyped members, which is amazing how people is engaged digging into their genetic origins.


What is scary is precisely the incorrect use this company might do with all these so private data. It’s funny to know that 23andMe was invested by GoogleVentures. Another step forward to innovate either in the biogenetic and health-tech ground, but also to control more global and crucial information about citizens.

The risk here, if you decide to send your saliva, is to discover that your authentic relatives are from a lost tribe in Brasil!