Like other evenings, “The Utanis” arrived at the children’s Hospital to offer another ANIMO workshop in a very bright and colorful  area. For all of us, that was the best part of the work, testing our stop-motion tool with children and health staff. More than making “etnographics” I would say, we were doing “playnographics”.


Entrevistado por el Festival de Publicidad Latinoamericano EL SOL sobre mis experiencias y visión con respecto al mundo de la innovación y la comunicación. Interviewed by Latinamerican Advertising Festival EL SOL about my vision and experience related to innovation and communication world.  

TOMS Blake


TOMS es la empresa de un Norteamericano, Blake Mycoskie. Pero no es una empresa más que busca su beneficio propio, lucha por subsistir, emplea a personas, tiene buenos productos, hace buena o mala publicidad o ha conseguido una buena o mala marca. Blake Mycoskie (suena como el pequeñajo verde de “Monstruos S.A”) digamos que se…

“Made-Media” The new advertising model

My friends of Maya design, also decided to launch their own model of advertising agency based on the idea of sharing and making brand content and products together with consumers. “A seismic shift is occurring. Soon, products will join the social network, customers will make instead of buy, and data is going to tell the…


2014: Advertising industry to see massive disruptions

“The advertising industry will be massively disrupted by clients moving away from horizontal integration to embrace new business models that do not rely on the same amounts of mass advertising to drive growth.” I’m completely agree with Greenberg’s disruptive vision about new business models and the day after day shift of advertising agencies toward product…