Sonia Cillari

Please meet Sonia Cillari, an amazing artist in constant approach to body digital representation and interaction. Italian media artist and architect, currently lives and works in Venice. Her work involves the creation of sensorial and perceptual mechanisms in immersive and augmented environments. Her artistic investigation examines how patterns of consciousness, perception and identity emerge in…

Collective Creativity

About authentic leaders who create innovative teams: “Some of you may be wondering now, what are these people thinking? They’re thinking, “I’m not the visionary, I’m the social architect. I’m creating the space where people are willing and able to share and combine their talents and passions.” If some of you are worrying now that you don’t work at a Pixar, or…

" Si piensas que la aventura es peligrosa, prueba la rutina. Es mortal. "Paulo Coelho



Just arrived from South by SouthWest 2014 edition. The always “weird” city of Austin received this year around 130.000 professionals, geeks, hipsters, frikies and other mammals, from music, film and interactive planets. It was really a fucking awesome festival full of inspiring panelists, workshops and networking-parties. Although there were also some poor conferences though like…

" Find out what the next thing is that you can push, that you can invent, that you can be ignorant about, that you can be arrogant about, that you can fail with, and that you can be a fool with. Because in the end, that’s how you grow. "Paula Scher, Graphic designer and Artist

Obsession and design

How do you get from “what if?” to “eureka”? At the 99U Conference, Sugru creator Jane ni Dhulchaointigh describes her six-year journey from design student to inventor.