“Gravity” 3D sketching pad

“Gravity is a tool for creatives to quickly sketch their ideas in 3D space using immersive augmented reality.A pen and a pad specifically designed for sketching in the augmented environment. Free from any screen or computer, Gravity allows you to focus on what really matters, developing your ideas in an intuitive way.”

Real Interactive Art

Two huge interactive artists like Golan Levin and Zachary Lieberman, to whom I had the pleasure to work with, are one of the few real references in the matter of converting art in something magic, ludic, fun,generative and interactive. This is one of their projects worked as a team, in which the use of computer…



  Obscura Digital is among the top creators of ¬†Multidimensional Sensory Experiences and one of those treasures I discovered during my days at SFO.¬†From mapping video onto nearly any surface to building large-scale, multi-touch displays, Obscura Digital delivers groundbreaking immersive and interactive experiences. Part technology lab and part creative studio, they are continually generating new…


A Windy Day – Motorola Spotlight Player Interactive experience made by Motorola for the Moto X. A really amazing experience.