Utani one of the 20s

“Menorca millennials is a 20-day FOCUS program on an island for selected second time entrepreneurs who are building scalable and bold businesses.” And this first edition they have selected 20 international projects among 315. We are very proud to be one of them. PLAYBAR, our Learning by playing and creating project, was attractive enough to be…

Impossible is nothing

Sargy Mann has been painting all of his professional life, first as a teacher and later as a professional artist. In his mid-30s he developed cataracts on both eyes, eventually leading to total blindness. He continued to paint.Twenty-five years later, Sargy’s work is highly sought-after by collectors with paintings regularly selling for upward of £50,000…

Another advertiser making useful products

It is awesome to find everyday colleagues from advertising  making out-of-the-box useful and good design+tech stuff for society. Founder and creative director Tom Evans, who also works as creative director at ad agency TBWA, says that the idea came to him when his daughter was ill a few years ago. BleepBleeps is a family of little friends that…

" You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. "R. Buckminster Fuller

Shaking the Miami Ad School

I had a good time together with the people from the Miami Ad School Madrid, shaking and inspiring them to become real “DOERS” and startup their own dreams. I hope though I could transmit my religion at least to few of them.

TOMS Blake


TOMS es la empresa de un Norteamericano, Blake Mycoskie. Pero no es una empresa más que busca su beneficio propio, lucha por subsistir, emplea a personas, tiene buenos productos, hace buena o mala publicidad o ha conseguido una buena o mala marca. Blake Mycoskie (suena como el pequeñajo verde de “Monstruos S.A”) digamos que se…

“Learning by failure”

I liked this Procter&Gamble spot cause reminds me the importance of educating in failure, rather than in success. Learning by doing, courage, determination, sacrifice, are the best resources our children may acquire in order to succeed from failure and not be scared one day about giving the step forward to convert their ideas and illusions…

Bye, bye Mandela


Me siento totalmente identificado con este poema de Theodore Roosevelt “The Man in the Arena”  que Mandela, ya presidente de Surafrica, le entrega a su capitán de la selección de Rugby , para arengarles en el campeonato del mundo (sale en la película “Invictus”): “No importan las críticas; ni aquellos que muestran las carencias de…


estartaperos #0

Prácticos consejos de un “estartapero* de patera”, para conquistar cualquier Silicon Valley. Toda mi vida he sido un aventurero de asfalto. Pero en los últimos siete años de lucha con Utani LAB, la cosa se ha puesto mas emocionante. Sobre todo este ultimo año, el año en que decidí hacer las Americas y convertirme en…


estartaperos #1

Viajar a USA no es coger un low cost a Londres y ya está. Siempre hay algún motivo por el que viajas acojonado y con el canguelis de que un helado agente de aduanas baje el pulgar como Neron y no entres en el país, después de catorce o dieciseis horas de vuelos y escalas.