Another advertiser making useful products

It is awesome to find everyday colleagues from advertising  making out-of-the-box useful and good design+tech stuff for society. Founder and creative director Tom Evans, who also works as creative director at ad agency TBWA, says that the idea came to him when his daughter was ill a few years ago. BleepBleeps is a family of little friends that make parenting easier. Little guys that help you get pregnant, give birth, look after your baby and raise your child. A bunch of connected devices that sync with the BleepBleeps app for guidance and tracking.

“Most parents have digital thermometers that you put into the child’s ear and they then bleep [hence the company name]. I put on into my daughter’s ear and the reading said 39.4 and I wondered ‘what does that mean? Is that high or low?’ So my instant reaction was to Google it and I found it was high and got some advice to bring the temperature down. I thought, ‘why aren’t these two things — the device and the information — connected?'”

Evans worked closely with industrial designer Gaetano Ling and software engineer Niall McCormack — as well as a “ragtag team of hipsters, hustlers and hackers” — to come up with an ecosystem of beautifully designed products, each with their own characters, faces and names… and different “bleep bleep” sounds.

As my friend Paul Gold, from Maya Design, says from these products: “… non techno design, faces cute” in other words humanizing technology….

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