" You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. "R. Buckminster Fuller



I was shocked when I saw the magic touch and frozen beauty of these animated .gif . Actually I guess is the first time in all my long digital experience that I see such an exquisite and fine hybrid work between photography and frame animation. Artist Kevin Burg describes “Cinemagraph” as an image that contains within…

my adn


All of us have 23 pairs of chromosomes. 17% of us are left-handed. 44% of us have attached earlobes. 88% of us have wet earwax. 14% of us have perfect pitch. All of us can smell the asparagus odor in our urine. 22% of us are lactose intolerant. 67% of us have a family history of cancer. 19% of us have a family…

Real participative art

This is what I love from digital art. When technology, art, space and user interaction are perfectly combined to flow and provoke emotions. For TED’s 30th anniversary, artists Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin collaborated to create Unnumbered Sparks, a monumental interactive sculpture in the sky. Choreographed by visitors in real time through their mobile devices, at night the sculpture became…


Big Bang Data

yesterday I had the pleasure to visit the exhibition “Big Bang Data” at CCCB Barcelona, a very accurate analysis through this new amazing and emerging science, direct consequence of the data masification during the last 15 years and the real need to be technically processed and visualized. Data mining, data visualization, data analysis, etc, are…

“Gravity” 3D sketching pad

“Gravity is a tool for creatives to quickly sketch their ideas in 3D space using immersive augmented reality.A pen and a pad specifically designed for sketching in the augmented environment. Free from any screen or computer, Gravity allows you to focus on what really matters, developing your ideas in an intuitive way.”

Shaking the Miami Ad School

I had a good time together with the people from the Miami Ad School Madrid, shaking and inspiring them to become real “DOERS” and startup their own dreams. I hope though I could transmit my religion at least to few of them.



No he podido remediar el subir a este blog, la entrevista que Jordi Évole, en ‘Salvados’, le hace al presidente de Uruguay, José Mujica. El político explica así por qué no vive en la residencia presidencial: “Se supone que la democracia intenta ser el Gobierno de la mayoría y yo trato de vivir como vive…